Restoring the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch first of 2011The Monarch Butterfly has been much in the news lately as we receive the devastating news that the current wintering population in Mexico is at all time low.

There are many reasons for this decline in Monarch Butterflies:

  • Current agricultural practice
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Pesticide use
  • Loss of habitat
  • Destruction of larval host plant by Roundup and other weed killers

But despite all this doom and gloom, there is still hope!

Your wildlife garden, no matter how small, can become part of a network of connected gardens around the country that are restoring or creating habitat for this beautiful butterfly.

I have written many articles about the Monarch Butterfly, as have my team members at Beautiful Wildlife Garden and also Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens.

So, in order to make this library of resources easier for you to find, I’m going to collect them all here for your reading pleasure…find out more about what you can do to Restore the Monarch Butterfly at Ecosystem Gardening

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