Relaxing at the Redneck Riviera

Dogs at pool sm

What fun to spend a long weekend relaxing with our dear friends Linda and Donna at their home which they fondly call the Redneck Riviera!

Donna is an incredible artist and jewelry maker, and Linda is an amazing glass artist. You can see their work at Barking Dog Gallery or give them a “like” at the Barking Dog Gallery Facebook page.

Deck Hottub side sm

We got to celebrate Linda’s Birthday by taking a boat trip ecotour with Cape Water Taxi, where we did a little birding and enjoyed an education about the bay ecosystem.

Deck poolside sm

The next day we had another birding boat adventure when we took the pontoon boat tour of the Baldcypress ecosystem at Trap Pond State Park.

Firepit sm

And we ended our adventure by stopping by Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge for some amazing views of migrating shorebirds, including the beautiful Avocets.

In between boating and birding adventures, we relaxed in this beautiful home on Burton Pond. We laughed, ate wonderful food, played cards, and enjoyed the pool.

Dock 2 sm

It’s a real sign of good friends that already have 3 dogs to allow us to add our 2 dogs to the mix as well! Especially since Morgan can be a little “bitchy” around other dogs, but we travel with a crate so she can be in her safe space, and things work out ok.

Hammock sm

We got Morgan from the shelter when she was only 5 months old. During her first 3 years with us we were so happy to have a shelter dog that had no “issues” but alas, now she doesn’t much like to be around other dogs except for Otis. She is incredible with people, though and especially loves children.

Dock Pathway sm

Otis came to us as an extremely fearful dog, in fact we couldn’t even reach out to pet him or he would submissive pee on the floor. It took him a few months to not be afraid of us, and now he’s the ambassador of the dog park. He loves to run and play with other dogs. He’s still not sure about new people (and we trust his judgement) but once he decides he can trust you he’ll keep coming around for pets on the head and if you’re really lucky he’ll give you a toy to toss for him.

Linda Deck sm

Otis remains insanely afraid of thunderstorms, and he lets us know a storm is on the way when he starts gnawing incessantly on a bone and wants to spend all day and night in his crate. He’s a better weather caster than the Weather Channel!

Morgan has begun to exhibit some of Otis’ timidity in certain situations, which is sad because she’s normally very happy go lucky (if there’s no other dogs around). Imagine our surprise when she wanted to go into the pool on a giant dog float while Debra and Donna were doing their dolphin act one afternoon.

Morgan Pool 2 sm

Morgan Pool middle sm

She wouldn’t stay long each time, but she kept going back out on her raft for a few minutes at a time.

Morgan Donna Pool sm

On our last day there, she actually got off the raft and swam around in the pool. What a brave girl!

Morgan Do De sm

Otis had no desire to try out the dog raft on Morgan’s first day in the pool, but by the second afternoon after watching Morgan have her fun, he finally decided he would try it out. For a dog that’s been afraid of every new situation since we got him, this is almost a miracle.

Otis Pool 2 sm

Otis Pool sm

So proud of our brave puppies!

Read more about our adventures with Morgan & Otis:

Relaxing on Dock sm

Planter sm

There’s a very special place in my heart for both my friends and their home, as this was where Debra and I were married last October. In fact, we were married up in this tree house  by candlelight, and Donna performed the ceremony :)

Treehouse sm

I feel so blessed to have such good friends in our lives!

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