Pollinators of Native Plants with Heather Holm

Holm Pollinators of Native PlantsI received with joy my copy of the new book Pollinators of Native Plants by Heather Holm, a contributing author for my team blog Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens.

I had the opportunity to ask several questions about how we can easily start to attract more native pollinators to our gardens, and you can read that at Why Bugs?

And I have written a profile of Heather where you can find out more about the many things she’s up to at Heather Holm And Pollinators of Native Plants

Heather Holm has two passions: native plants and their pollinators, and she’s combined these two loves into an incredibly informative and useful book that will help you choose the best plants for your wildlife garden to attract an abundance of native pollinators. She has effectively given us a botanical reference to native plants in conjunction with an entomological reference to native pollinators in one complete volume….read my review of Heather Holm’s Pollinators of Native Plants at Ecosystem Gardening

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