Native Plant Societies in North America

FNPSNative Plant Societies are located in every state in the US and across Canada. There is a comprehensive list of native plant resources for each state in North America, but listed here is a quick resource guide to each native plant society by state.

These organizations are made up of passionate and knowledgeable people who are dedicated to teaching you about the plants that are indigenous to the region where each group is located.

The absolute best way to begin to discover which native plants will work best in your wildlife garden is to connect with your local native plant society as well as nearby native plant nurseries.

These folks are passionate about native plants and love to share their knowledge with anyone who asks. Since their gardens are probably close by, they can give you the best answers about what will work best in your garden.

Below is a guide to the native plant societies in the US and Canada….find out more about the Native Plant Societies of North America at Ecosystem Gardening

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