Morris Arboretum With The Morford Clan

Wyatt Eggs sm

Hatching the eggs in the birds nest!


One of my great joys of the holiday season is that my niece Amanda comes home for the holidays with her husband Ryan and their two boys Wyatt and Drew. Ryan is in the army and is currently stationed in Alaska, so these visits home are surely to be cherished because it certainly doesn’t happen often enough!

After the Brown family Christmas extravaganza last week, it was fun to schedule a visit to our home for lunch where 3 year old Wyatt amused us with his new dance moves:

Jazz Hands Quick Time

Jazz Hands Quick Time

Wyatt Dance sm

The ever fascinating Etch-a-Sketch:

1 DD Etch Sketch sm

1 DD Drew CB sm

After lunch we head out to Morris Arboretum to see the outdoor holiday train display.

Debra, Amanda, Drew, Ryan, Wyatt (and Thomas the Tank Engine!)

Debra, Amanda, Drew, Ryan, Wyatt (and Thomas the Tank Engine!)

Debra and Wyatt waiting for Thomas

Debra and Wyatt waiting for Thomas

Hold on to your hat!

Hold on to your hat!

Amanda and Drew

Amanda and Drew

Ryan Wyatt point sm

Playing and climbing in the Sculpture Garden:

Sculpture Wyatt sm

Sculpture Ryan sm


Debra Wyatt ta da sm

The Rose Garden gazebo is a stage:

Wyatt Wall sm

Debra sm

After seeing all the trains, running down a big hill to see the ducks and swans, and playing in the sculpture garden, we went “Out on a Limb” to have fun in the Tree House!

Amanda net sm

Net Nap sm

Naptime in the squirrel net


Debra Wyatt net sm

Wyatt net sm

Now I’m a squirrel!


We had such fun experiencing Morris Arboretum through the eyes of my 3 year old great nephew Wyatt! Next on our bucket list, save enough of our allowance to go visit them in Alaska!

Check out our other visits to Morris Arboretum:


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