Loblolly Pine Wildlife Value

Pine Cone Clover smLoblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is a native tree of the southeastern United States. Often growing in wet woodlands, Loblolly Pine provides great habitat and value for wildlife.

The native range of Pinus taeda covers eastern Texas to northern Florida, and all of the southern coastal states up to Delaware.

One of the meanings of the word loblolly is mud puddle, where these pines often grow. It is also called Bull Pine, from the giant size, and Rosemary Pine, from the fragrant resinous foliage.

Loblolly pine is a 60 ft. tree which can reach 110 ft. It loses its lower branches with age, leaving an open, rounded crown. Dark green needles are 6-10 in. long. Bark is gray and scaly.

I had the pleasure of getting to see the Loblolly Pine in all its splendor on a recent visit to Assawoman Wildlife Area in southeastern Delaware…see the photos and find out more about the Wildlife Value of Loblolly Pine at Beautiful Wildlife Garden

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