Ice Storm Woes

Ice Redbud smAn ice storm can create beautiful ice sculptures in your wildlife garden–as long as you don’t have to drive in one. But there are also dangers for you, your garden, and the wildlife that makes their home there.

It’s been an odd winter weather year in my wildlife garden this winter. We had an abundance of unseasonably warm days early in the winter, which I took full advantage of for some usually frigid winter birding adventures:
I got to see a Snowy Owl on a very mild day
And I made my annual trek to see the Harlequin Ducks on an usually warm winter day

Then came the Polar Vortex, plunging much of the country into extremely cold temperatures. Here in Philadelphia we had several weeks of frigid temperatures well below freezing.
And then came the snow. We’ve had an unusual number of snow days this winter, and while I find snow to be quite beautiful I must admit I grow tired of having to shovel it (I’m no spring chicken anymore).

Last week we had a snow storm that dumped 17 inches of light fluffy snow in my wildlife garden that blew around and created deep drifts. Then, early this week we got 9 inches of wet, heavy snow that was backbreaking and exhausting to shovel.

And the City of Philadelphia sucks at snow removal. They had the nerve to issue citations and fines in our neighborhood for “not shoveling a wide enough path” on our sidewalks (36″ wide is what the rule is), while they couldn’t be bothered to plow or salt our streets.

So picture this morning when the ice storm started accumulating ON TOP of 6 inches of solidly packed icy snow in our street. Now it’s like a skating rink out there, and I’ve been listening to the many cars stuck on that ice all day now…learn more about the Ice Storm Woes in my Neighborhood at Ecosystem Gardening

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