Celebrating 3 Years With Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

NPWG headOn April 18, 2011 I put the first post up here at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens describing our mission and what we hoped to accomplish.

I had been interviewing Doug Tallamy and we were lamenting the fact that after so many years of his traveling the country to educate folks about the value and necessity of native plants for wildlife in our gardens, after all the traveling I do speaking about Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife, and after all the educational efforts of so many other passionate authors, the fact remains that we still have lots of work to do. Most gardeners and homeowners still have no clue why native plants are so vital to wildlife and the health of our local ecosystems.

He said, wisely, that we needed to create a bigger voice. We needed a larger platform to help get the word out.

So, I started contacting authors, botanists, scientists, native plant nursery owners, and other passionate folks who shared this mission, and we created this team to spread the word about how we could create a healthier planet by learning to make healthier choices in our gardens.

Over 800 articles and 10,000 comments from our readers later, I’m so thrilled to be a part of this larger voice that is making such a difference for wildlife and our environment.

We’re going to take a celebratory look back and highlight each of our team members first post with the Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens team, in order of their debut post date….read more at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens Celebrates 3 Years

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