Growing Nature Loving Kids

Teaching kids to love nature, and providing lots of experiences in nature, whether in your own wildlife garden or by visiting local parks and nature centers is one of the best gifts you can give them. The fact is that we will want to protect what we know, and learning about nature and wildlife from […]

Loblolly Pine Wildlife Value

Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is a native tree of the southeastern United States. Often growing in wet woodlands, Loblolly Pine provides great habitat and value for wildlife. The native range of Pinus taeda covers eastern Texas to northern Florida, and all of the southern coastal states up to Delaware. One of the meanings of the […]

Birding Festivals Through the Year

If you want to learn more about the birds in your wildlife garden, one of the best things you can do is to attend birding festivals near you to learn more about birds in their natural habitats. One of the big things on my bucket list is to travel around the country going from birding […]

How to Learn More About Nature

A good way to learn more about the nature of your region is to visit a local national wildlife refuge near your home. I make it a point to regularly visit the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, which is located in southwestern Philadelphia to observe the changing wildlife throughout the seasons. There are 561 National […]

Early Spring Chores for Your Wildlife Garden

After the Polar Vortex, incessant snow storms, never-ending ices storms, sleet, hail, thunder snow, and frigid temperatures of this winter, it’s finally time to get your wildlife garden in shape for the coming early spring season. The good news is that early spring chores in a wildlife garden don’t take a lot of time and […]

Beneficial Insects at Philadelphia Flower Show

I’m not really a big fan of flower shows. Huge displays of prematurely forced tulips really aren’t my thing. Gardening to benefit wildlife with native plants is my thing. And there’s usually precious little of that happening at any flower show I’ve ever been to. But last week was the Philadelphia Flower Show, and I […]

How to Attract More Pollinators

Want to attract more pollinators to your wildlife garden? I recently reviewed Heather Holm’s new book Pollinators of Native Plants, where I asked readers to leave comments telling us what they were doing for pollinators in their gardens (We had 2 copies of this book to give away to randomly chosen commenters). This post received […]

Taking a Break From Winter

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting lots of cousins that I had never met before, and also had the pleasure of discovering a beautiful wildlife garden at one of these new cousin’s home. And now I’m visiting this new cousin Judie Kehs Much and her husband David Much at their Myrtle Beach, SC home away from […]

Why Bugs with Heather Holm

Heather Holm, our team mate at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens has just published the landmark book Pollinators of Native Plants.  I interviewed Heather Holm to learn what sparked her interest in bugs, especially the pollinators, and her passion for learning more about the insect pollinators of native plants. Find out her answers to these […]

Ice Storm Beauty in My Wildlife Garden

While a lot of snow can certainly have negative impacts on your wildlife garden, an ice storm can really wreak havoc–for the garden, for the gardener, and for the birds and other wildlife. As the Polar Vortex continues, frigid temperatures and snowstorms have become the norm, from Texas to Georgia and up the east coast. […]

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