Starting the Year in Nature

I really like to start a new year the way I want the year to unfold. It’s definitely one of my resolutions. So Debra and I packed up the Plott Hound’s backpacks with their water and bowl and headed over to our favorite local nature patch, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Oddly, it was just […]

Morris Arboretum With The Morford Clan

  One of my great joys of the holiday season is that my niece Amanda comes home for the holidays with her husband Ryan and their two boys Wyatt and Drew. Ryan is in the army and is currently stationed in Alaska, so these visits home are surely to be cherished because it certainly doesn’t […]

Relaxing at the Redneck Riviera

What fun to spend a long weekend relaxing with our dear friends Linda and Donna at their home which they fondly call the Redneck Riviera! Donna is an incredible artist and jewelry maker, and Linda is an amazing glass artist. You can see their work at Barking Dog Gallery or give them a “like” at […]

Growing Nature Loving Kids

Teaching kids to love nature, and providing lots of experiences in nature, whether in your own wildlife garden or by visiting local parks and nature centers is one of the best gifts you can give them. The fact is that we will want to protect what we know, and learning about nature and wildlife from […]

Celebrating 3 Years With Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

On April 18, 2011 I put the first post up here at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens describing our mission and what we hoped to accomplish. I had been interviewing Doug Tallamy and we were lamenting the fact that after so many years of his traveling the country to educate folks about the value and […]

SheWho Sings in Rehoboth

SheWho, a Philadelphia area feminist acapella choir performs to high accolades at Women’s Fest in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Last weekend Debra and I had the pleasure of attending Women’s Fest in Rehoboth Beach where each of us presented workshops in our respective areas of expertise. My presentation was Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife where I talked […]

Plott Hounds in the Park

On a recent birding adventure at Assawoman Wildlife Area, we were surprised and honored when our 2 Plott Hounds received a hearty round of applause from several other visitors. We have worked hard at training our Plott Hounds Morgan and Otis to be good travelers (and welcome return visitors to our friend’s homes) and they […]

Loblolly Pine Wildlife Value

Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is a native tree of the southeastern United States. Often growing in wet woodlands, Loblolly Pine provides great habitat and value for wildlife. The native range of Pinus taeda covers eastern Texas to northern Florida, and all of the southern coastal states up to Delaware. One of the meanings of the […]

Assawoman Adventures

Busy weekend starts with a very long day at Women’s Fest in Rehoboth Beach, DE, where¬†Debra and I both presented workshops, and then Debra performed with her choir: At 8 am I presented Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife At 10 am Debra presented “Women’s Music Saved My Life” Ran back to our friend’s house for an […]

Walk in Wissahickon Woods

Nothing is as soothing or relaxing for me as taking a walk in the woods after a long and stressful week. This week I chose the Bells Mills Rd section of Wissahickon Park. While there are lots of things to complain about in the city of Philadelphia, one thing they are really good at is […]

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