Assawoman Adventures

Frog Green sm

Busy weekend starts with a very long day at Women’s Fest in Rehoboth Beach, DE, where Debra and I both presented workshops, and then Debra performed with her choir:

We were bright eyed at 7 am the next morning, so made our famous Adventure Breakfast Sandwiches, loaded up the Plott Hounds, grabbed our birding gear, and headed down to Assawoman Wildlife Area. It was Debra’s birthday, and having a grand birding adventure is one of our favorite ways to celebrate.

We had incredible looks at a pair of Brown Thrashers in the process of gathering nest materials.

Brown Thrasher right profile sm

We like to bird slowly, really taking the time to look closely and enjoy our surrounding, and in the process found many hidden frogs and birds.

Frog Leopard sm

I’ve been greatly fascinated by lichens lately, and this one looks like kale, and now I am hungry for freshly made spiced kale chips. Mmmm!

Lichen looks like kale sm

Debra found this especially intriguing, so she turned her binoculars around and looked through the “wrong” end (which is like looking through a microscope) to get a better view.

DD lichen closeup sm

More lichens and moss:

Lichen 1 sm

Moss Stones sm

Lichen 2 sm

And a fairy house

Fairy House sm

But, of course the highlight of our adventures is always the birds, no matter how common!

Dove Mourning sm

Heron Great Blue 1 sm

Snowy Egret 1 sm

And we are always so pleased at how well-behaved our Plott Hounds are when we take them birding with us! Morgan is demonstrating an excellent “Sit, Stay” to allow me to capture the beautiful red highlights in her brindle coat.

Dogs Morgan sm

This sign totally had us giggling:

By Any Means sm

You cannot go there with your feet
You cannot go there in your car
You cannot go there in a plane
You cannot go there in a bus
You cannot go there, no you can’t. You cannot go there by any means!

After a wonderful adventure in Assawoman Bay State Wildlife Area, our souls were refreshed from the busy week we had just finished, and we capped off the day by celebrating Debra’s 50th birthday with a lovely dinner with two of her oldest friends, Mindy and Karen–friends since junior high school.


More from our Adventure at Assawoman Wildlife Area:

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