A Very Odd Birder Pee Stop

Hanuman murthi 4As a traveling birder, I’m sure you’ve got your own stories of odd or funny places you’ve stopped for a pee stop. There’s the usual gas stations, Mickie D’s, Wawas, behind the bushes kind of stories. And then there’s the ones that are a story in themselves.

But I’ve got to say that the oddest pee stop yet for me also happened on the tropical island of Trinidad.

We had spent the morning at Waterloo patiently picking out shore birds from the huge flocks of gulls and several Scarlet Ibis, headed to Carli Bay for lunch, and then went in search of a pee stop on the way to our tour at Caroni Swamp to see the Scarlet Ibis come in to roost for the night.

As we drove, I noticed a very tall statue of a monkey-faced man from behind looming high above its surroundings. I asked our driver Ramdass what it was, and he told me it was a statue of Hanuman murti, an 85 foot tall statue of this god, and reported to be the largest of its kind outside of India, This statue is located at Temple Dattatreya Mandir, near the town of Carapichaima.

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